little free library

Last night before we opened for you-pick hours I had a few moments to stock these boxes with the books of someone I love. Several months ago my friend Monica told me about her dream of setting up a little free library –she thought our field might be a good place for it. I had no hesitations. Yes. Of course. Flowers AND books — what joy.

Months have passed since our initial conversation, and our shared dream has gone through many starts and delays, but the library was finished just in time for Monica to see it before moving to Arizona. Right now she’s somewhere in the sky on her way to make a new home in Tucson, but I have this precious gift. And so do you.

The top box is stocked with books for adults, the bottom right is stocked with books for children, and the bottom left is a place for encouraging letters. Take a book, leave a book. Take a letter, leave a letter. Whatever you need or can give. It’s free. It’s beautiful. It will be stocked year round, so even when you can’t stop for flowers, you can stop for a book.

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