before you visit

We want you to enjoy your time with us as much as possible. Here are some things you might want to know before you visit.

  • Flowers are priced by the cup: $20 for one cup, as many flowers as you can fit. We ask that each guest (or couple/family) purchase at least one cup of flowers each visit.
  • We accept exact cash, check, or Venmo. Because our field is self-serve, we will not be available to make change.
  • Parking is available in the gravel area in front of the flower stand, or in the grass alongside the road.
  • Photographers are welcome, but we ask that each party make a purchase while visiting.
  • All instructions and supplies needed for picking (cups with water and snips) are on our farm stand on Andrews Street.
  • The snips should be carried and used only by an adult and must be returned before leaving.
  • We have a small grassy area where you are welcome to sit at a picnic table to arrange your flowers. You’re also welcome to sit and read a book from the little free library we have on site; adult and children’s books are available.
  • We do our best to keep pathways smooth and dry, but it may be difficult to push a stroller or wheelchair. Your shoes and clothes may get dirty and/or wet. Our field is in full sun. Shoes with sturdy soles, old comfortable clothing, sunscreen, and sunglasses are advised.
  • No pets, please. This is for the comfort of all guests.
  • Finally, always check our facebook and instagram sites before visiting. We will post on our social media accounts if any changes need to be made to our hours or offerings.

We’re so grateful for your support and hope our flowers will bring as much joy and beauty to your life as they have to ours.